My One Job

Between bettering my mental health and trying to stay sane I have been pondering about my new role for a while. Of course I like to make it sound like it’s a “rare occurrence” but I do like to waste brain power worrying about the most mundane thing I can come up with.

I have been contemplating for a while about my role moving forward. I’m no longer spearheading anything. I’m no longer talking about possible solutions, not in an active manner. My role is to ensure that the new developers that are with me have a healthy discourse on how to solve problems.

I am no longer at the center of anything. And I don’t think we should be at the center of anything.

Thus, my one job is to ensure that each assigned person gets their place to talk and voice their opinion in a healthy manner where we can all take part of our roles and execute them.

Today it was a bit more of an eye opener for me on this realization that… perhaps I have been looking at some things the wrong way.

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