Reflecting on the cloud and the costs

It is 2021 and many years have passed since cloud computing was introduced into our techie lives. I still feel these days it’s a bit hard to not mix things up with a lot of infrastructure or mingle it with virtualization as more often than not it’s…. a bit hard to separate those at all.

Regardless of the term, a service that has adapted fully and have used the terms loosely would be hosting providers. Whether it’s shared or VPS hosting the cloud is always in between.

But does the cloud really drive the price down? I feel like unless you nail a contract with Google, Microsoft, Azure I would go with “not really…” but at the same time for us the cloud is insanely expensive. For the companies it means less maintenance, less people to pay as all been offloaded to another company that has included that in the price.

So it begs the question if the cloud is really for us the individuals or startups. I would say that most of the time buying a dedicated server these days is cheaper.

Depending on the hosting provider you can find some really cheap dedicated servers where you have total control of your CPU and how you handle it. The hosting provider shouldn’t even get involved if you left some calculation running 24/7 because you aren’t impacting anyone’s performance.

Now getting those dedicated cores on cloud VPS plans is the most costly thing you could ever purchase.

In terms of space, space is insanely cheap on dedicated servers these days. The cloud storage solutions have redundancy plans, it doesn’t mean you can’t come up with said redundancy plans on a basic level.

So honestly the first indicator you should ask yourself to get a dedicated server is comparing your current cloud services costs vs the plan a dedicated server offers you.

At some point running down the costs you should realize that depending on the hosting provider you just get an insane more power and possibly more bandwidth.

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