Hello, kupo!

moogle.dev is now live. I might be moving from thehumble.ninja to this domain moving forward.

This is a completely new infrastructure I did for the site everything— internally—has been completely containerized using LXC(Linux Containers). That means a couple of security improvements for me, and a little bit more work.

Right now this is behind a load balancer that points to an application server that is actually a LXD server. Meanwhile, the database server is also a container in another different LXD server. Networking has been reworked and honestly I suck at networking but thanks for the folks over LXC I was able to simplify it by just setting static routes.

The only thing remaining is setting up internal firewalls on some things. All that said, it is truly a privilege to run as a unprivileged user, it’s been something that has been bugging me for a long while.

Overall, this blog will retain the same format as thehumble.ninja. This is a daily life blog. Expect development, movies, games to be talked about over the years.

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